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Text: Especially with #Ferguson all over social media, here’s my pet peeve: People who complain about racist family/friends without actively confronting them. Unless you’re depending on this racist for your livelihood, e.g. living in their home or relying on their income and they could cut you off, CALL THEM OUT. That racist aunt you visit maybe 3 times a year is posting about “thugs”? Send her facts. Show her the hypocrisy of her words. Don’t just let it go because you don’t want to “cause trouble”, THIS IS THE TROUBLE. And this applies to non-black POC. Recognize the anti-blackness in our communities (Asian Americans, you have a big responsibility in this) and do something about it. I always say no one is obligated to educate strangers that pop up demanding a breakdown of race relations, but if you consider yourself an ally yet can’t even confront that guy from high school you keep around on Facebook? I call bullshit.

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For all of you “allies” who for some reason feel the need to me how racist and/or homophobic your family is: WHY THE FUCK DON’T YOU EVER SAY ANYTHING?? why do you just let that shit slide and then feel the need to tell your queer/poc/disabled/etc friends about it later? You have a responsibility to call that shit out, otherwise you’re just as bad. 


these r my new friends. they r super kool.


This photo is of my town, it’s in quite a poor part and when I passed it on the bus I really realised how true it is

Kyle Maclachlan and David Lynch at the David Lynch Foundation Braintrust Lunch, September 2014.

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my lil derp having a sleep

My ability to not smell bad after physical activity will take me far in life, I imagine.

I’m so interested in the rest of this story. How does it end? What happened? I just want to know why the hotdog isn’t on the plate


bisous natasha


first two panels = my life

Just murdered another MC

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chance & taylor bennett

white savior complex: let’s go to a 3rd world country, build a church, get cornrows, and take photos of us saving brown kids for our families back home so they’ll see how humbled we’ve become…but at the same time let’s treat the black kids in America like shit… I mean they are ‘thugs’….

The same white people preaching about missions in Africa [to benefit themselves] are the same white people who are silent about Ferguson and any other injustice forced on black people in the news

We see you..

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